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Thomas Mygind Christensen


“Isn’t there children’s books enough already?”

“True – There is already written a lot of children’s books and even a lot of very good ones. The digital medias has increasingly become the place from where even very small children seeks entertainment. Even though this is a fact it is still my belief that the traditional children’s books still lack to find it’s right place in this new setup.

As a parent , I myself have also had to search in vain for children’s books that would not either consist of “dead pages” – where pages can be turned and it is read out loud by someone famous – or where everything is made into puzzles, point, violence or X.” “My idea with Oscar and Olivia was – apart from making a nice looking book with a good story – to exploit the possibilities for movement and music within the pictures that lies within the digital medias but without over doing it. I still want to leave the

reader/listener with the same experience and feeling inside as when you are

reading a traditional book but here supported by music and soft movements.

By uniting these things I think you get a much more interesting an

exciting experience out of it.” “Oscar and Olivia on space adventure”

is the first edition of a new series of adventures about the two siblings.

The app is made so that it can be read and heard in Danish as well as

English and it can be bought for IPhone and IPad via Itunes."